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Welcome to The Fallen's guild web site. We are aWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Destruction guild on the Magnus server. If you are a member of our guild already, please sign up at the top of the page,  and please use your MAIN in game character name as your user name. If it is not available, please just add our last name which is "Fatalis"-  like this...Netwarrior Fatalis. If we do not recognize your name as an active guild member, you will be denied access. If you do NOT fill out the question's on the application, you will not be approved to use our guild web site until you re-apply and asnwer them. You will be able to access guild pages as soon as we activate your sign up. If you want to join or ask questions about our guild, please feel free to post those in the forums section available to non-guild members. Thank you and happy gaming.......

The Fallen News


Draigor, Jun 28, 09 8:51 AM.
The Fallen sent yesterday their first group into the tomb of the vulture king.

For our first experience there we had a great time.  To get to each boss you need to use your brain a little bit more and its not the entire dungeon that you can tank and spank, which is a nice change.

We also think that the traps that Mythic added to make the instance more challenging and more fun in our opinion is a great touch.  We just find sad that there seems to be a problem with the fire trap, were guessing some sort of server lag, or something not working correctly, but its great fun.

A big congratulation to Deathrain, Draigor, Goznog, Sagefrancis, Tazuk and Yarto in killing the first 2 bosses and attempting the third boss.  Sadly no Tyrant drops were found, but it was a learning experience and a "How to die burned by fire" 101 class.

First boss :

Second boss :

Tonky / Draigor
Co-Leader of the Fallen


Draigor, Jun 22, 09 9:49 AM.
The Fallen is proud to have their first member reach renown rank 80.

So a big congratulation to Deathrain on his exploit.

Now he can finally get his healer to level 40 ^^


Also some other information

If you have warlord or invader stuff you cannot use or your willing to give to the guild, contact Tonky.  We will make sure it gets in the hands of someone who can use it.

Also Failure Simzar is back amongs us, so welcome him back, its also his birthday today monday june 22.  So happy birthday buddy and happy to see that your done for this year with your law exams :)

Tonky / Draigor
Co-Leader of the Fallen


Draigor, Apr 18, 09 1:41 PM.
Yesterday night it was the first time Destruction went to Altdorf on Magnus server.

And what a night it was, not only did we get in Altdorf for the first time, but we managed to complete the first part of the city capture.

Also The Fallen managed a server first, with the help of a few pugs.  We took down the Bright Wizard College PQ, one of the 2 PQ's to be done in the second part of the city capature.

Here is a Fallen guild picture in the Bright Wizard College and a screenshot that we completed the PQ.  And a few more pictures.

Gratz to everybody of the Fallen, our allies and the rest of destruction!!!!

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